Data culture
Ignore it at your peril
Over the course of the past 10 years, we have seen data move from ‘nice to have’ to a business imperative. Yet, according to independent research, less than 10% of organisations are getting true value from their data, largely due to a lack of ‘data culture’ in their business.
Almost every company has a vast array of business data at its disposal, from customer purchases and stock levels, to marketing campaigns and employee work patterns. However, most businesses are only scratching the surface of the valuable insights this information can provide – and usually this is due to their approach to data.

All too often, businesses rely on small teams of highly specialised data analysts. These teams are generally too small for the volume of data the company has and expanding them can be expensive and time consuming, due to the global shortage of data scientists. What’s more, these teams often face an up-hill battle to ensure the insights they find are acted upon. This is because, becoming a data-driven organisation isn’t just about software and scientist: it requires culture shift. Employees around the business need to understand the value that data can bring to their day-to-day work.
Creating a data culture in your organisation is a great way to get most out of the treasure trove of data your business is sitting upon. At its heart, data culture is about empowering employees by making the right data easily available to them, at the right time, and with the necessary context to enable them to draw relevant insights.

According to international research firm IDC, organisations with strong data cultures experience a range of positive outcomes including, greater competitive differentiation and faster speed-to-market, to increased profits and higher employee satisfaction.
At T1A, we understand both the benefits of a data culture and the challenges involved in its creation, and we work closely with our customers to support them on this journey. In every project we undertake we focus on the users, from start to finish. We don’t just implement the data analytics software and leave, we strive to teach our customers how to work with data. As well as running training sessions, we help our customers devise the organisational and process changes required to help the project succeed.

T1A also has a strong focus on delivering highly scalable analytics solutions. We implement self-service business intelligence and embedded analytics, creating intuitive, customised dashboards that can be used by a wide range of employees – our largest projects have over 2,000 users. To help us do this we have partnered with Tableau, the world leader in scalable analytics, and a company with data culture at its heart.

We have created a dedicated Tableau training centre, as well as a customer support centre that provides personalized support for our customers. We have also invested heavily in our own team of expert Tableau consultants who work closely with our customers. As a result – and despite the economic difficulties posed by the COVID-19 pandemic – T1A grew more than 60% last year, retaining more than 97% of the customers we provide Tableau-solutions to.

Years of experience helping businesses get the most from their data has shown us that the right approach is paramount to success. Without a strategy that makes data usable and accessible across your business, and encourages your employees engage with it, you will not be able to gain full ROI on your business intelligence software, and crucially, you will be left on the side lines, watching your competitors advance.

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