CRM Marketing in Retail
by T1A & Exasol
September 8, 2021, 16:00 CEST
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If you are looking to find ways on how to make coherent business analysis with Tableau and only at your first steps of working with big data, the Tableau+Exasol by T1A is the webinar to attend.
You will have an opportunity to observe how Tableau BI platform and Exasol – the world’s fastest database perform together. We will showcase millions of table rows processed on the fly within a click, a real business dashboard presentation, and a demo of ad-hoc analytics that help to reveal crucial business insights.
We will go through the use case of CRM marketing activities efficiency applied in the retail industry. Starting from a helicopter’s view like the CEO’s shoes deep-diving into the Analyst’s data investigation, the volume of data will not be a constraint as the Tableau+Exasol will make the data processing much quicker and easier than ever.

Ekaterina Blagireva
Data Visualization Architect, T1A
Berkan Denkci
Sales Director DACH, T1A
Justinas Valeskis
Partner Manager, Exasol