T1A on DRTM project

This February T1A has completed the implementation of the Digital Real-Time Marketing system with the IBM Tealeaf solution at major European Bank. Now the bank's website is capable of real-time identification of visitors' needs so that it becomes an effective sales channel.

Previously, the bank’s site visitors data was collected in a limited amount, so that it was not possible to flexibly manage what data is stored and what is not, and content  personalization of the site was done manually and episodically. Сlients did not always receive the most relevant offers, and the bank's employees spent a significant amount of time on manual adjustments.

Now website visitors are treated with personalized content. The site's analytical data is uploaded to DWH and reporting tools automatically which allows to quickly identify any problems or potential improvements.
The DRTM system is organically connected to the rest of the bank's marketing systems (EVAM, HCL Interact) and is a vital part of cross-channel communication scenarios delivery and customer contact policy.

Additional capabilities of the system:
  • Identification of target actions among a huge amount of data from the site.
  • Identification visitors and generates personalized offers in a fraction of a second;
  • Personalization site content both for site segments and specific visitors;
  • Leveraging various data (customer behavior, external counterparties, internal CRM) to personalize the content on the site;
  • Display of a customer’s pre-approved offer;
  • Online decision automation on responding to the customer's actions on the site, and if necessary, transfer communication with the client to other channels;
  • Data collection for later use in mathematical models;

DRTM integrates a large number of technically complex systems. This takes into account
  •  the requirements for the high performance,
  •  the functionality of setting up complex logical scenarios, 
  • depending on the actions of visitors to the site and the data available in the CRM system, 
  • compliance with information security standards and overall system security, 
  • the convenience of setting up and using the system by business users, 
  • the ability to expand functionality and scale.

“We see significant potential in combining Real-Time marketing systems and machine learning techniques. As part of our strategy, we plan to further develop the synergy of these areas, one of the stages was the Digital Real-Time Marketing project”. Head of Electronic Sales and Services Department