Join the family.
Since 2004 we work and serve as IT-consultants for the world's largest enterprises. In 2019 global head count has exceeded 1000 people. We believe that the main reason that made this success possible is firm confidence that people come first. We are committed to the mission of enabling and providing opportunities to grow for each employee regardless of level in a safe and friendly environment.
Intelligence before experience.
We are hiring people with zero experience. Ability to comprehend, learn and analyze is much more important to us.
90% of our executive office once joined us as juniors. And we are proud of these numbers.
More than
You will learn how large organizations work and how solutions we provide help to achieve greater results in various business processes. Telco, Industry, Banking, Retail - each industry  has its own specifics, which we will gladly teach you.
for yourself.
You will be able to try a variety of applications to your talents at T1A. From tricky engineering problems to managerial and business challenges - we will help you to find a passion of yours so that everyday work sparks you with joy and excitement.
Staying sharp.
Technologies, fashion and management best practices are constantly changing, but people should not. To keep this promise we provide access to numerous internal and external trainings and certifications on everything an employee might need or willing to learn.