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At T1A, our clients’ individual needs are both our starting point and guiding principle. We are attentive to each client’s needs and suggestions, and sensitive to the concerns unique to their specific lines of work. Our team of expert innovators has gained extensive experience coming up with powerful customized solutions to meet both standard and one-of-a-kind business challenges.


We believe that the purpose of advanced business analytics is to bring a company’s core activities into harmony; facilitate collaborative work; improve agility; and help deliver optimal business results. In brief, our business is to improve the business efficiency of our clients. To do this, our experts draw on both high-level technical and analytical skills, and on their experience in a diverse array of business situations.



At T1A, we understand that doing things well means doing them transparently and expediently. Our specialists strive to provide clients with up-to-the-minute updates, empowering them to follow their projects clearly and confidently. T1A’s overall commitment to innovation includes using agile management methods and powerful technology to identify crucial information and convey it to clients without delay.


Our specialists have the educational background and intellectual drive to quickly master the newest technical innovations, and the business experience needed to implement them effectively. Our technical knowledge, as well as our ability to recruit young specialists with advanced degrees in applied mathematics and business, provides a deep pool from which we can draw the very best possible solutions for our clients. Moreover, our cooperation with leading software developers and our focus on continuous learning ensures that T1A will remain at the forefront of the field.


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